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Drinking Water Systems

Purified water makes great drinks
Purified drinking water makes for exceptionally good-tasting drinks

Would you like a totally scale free kettle that looks brand new even after several years use and makes a cup of tea without tasting of chlorine?

More and more people are becoming increasingly more aware about the quality of their household drinking water and the UK bottled water industry alone now represents seriously big business.

Due to the largely rural nature of much of the land here in East Anglia, we suffer some of the highest nitrate levels in the entire country in our mains water. Coupled with this, the water board needs to ensure that our water is safe to drink, so they chlorinate it periodically to kill the bugs and bacteria. Whilst this additive makes the water safe to drink, it can occasionally make it whiff like a swimming pool and impair the taste! We have therefore become well versed in supplying and installing quality drinking water products to enhance and improve the quality and taste of your household drinking water.

Have you ever wondered about having an under-sink, hot water machine installed in your kitchen that delivers boiling water to its own designated tap and hot enough to make tea and coffee on demand without the need to use a kettle?

Our products range from the most basic in-line Activated Carbon Drinking Water Filter to ‘an all singing and dancing’ Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Purifier. To explain the differences between the many different products available would take at least three cups of tea and a complete packet of digestives and not necessarily something particularly easy to follow on a simple website for the uninitiated - But rest assured………after a good chat on the phone or a free site-survey from one of our team, you’ll be waxing lyrical to all your friends about the finer details of Reverse Osmosis water and they’ll all be queuing-up to have coffee around your house!

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