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Tablet salt is heavy Why struggle to buy your salt when we can deliver it to you ?

Granted, its not an especially exciting product, but you wont get much softened water without it!

Just like petrol for your car, salt is the fuel that any ion-exchange Water Softener needs to function and without it, your back to all that grizzly scale and scum - which kind of defeats the object of having a Water Softener in the first place!

Therefore, we at A D Veale Ltd make it as easy as possible for you to obtain your salt by offering all of our customers a free salt delivery service. All that we ask is that you buy a sensible amount at a time to qualify for free delivery, although you are also welcome to come and collect it from our either of our offices at Eye or Ipswich by prior arrangement.

We hold large stocks of block salt, tablet salt and granular salt, (although few new machines use granular salt any more) and we keep both 10kg and 25kg bag sizes available for delivery.


Although we can typically deliver to you within 72 hours of receiving an order, if you live out in the sticks (and many people in East Anglia do), please do try and give us as much notice as possible so that we can schedule your order into an existing delivery route.

Please either e-mail us or telephone us to discuss your specific requirements.

Commercial Orders? - No problem. In all the snow we had last winter, we provided a local de-icing company with 11 tons of tablet salt all delivered with 24 hours!