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This is the section of our website where you can truly discover what a cross-section of our existing customers really think about us!

Of course when I installed my first water softener, we didn’t know what the Internet was and we communicated with our customers either via the office telephone or simply by shouting very loudly!

Today however, we have moved into the electronic age and most business transaction are done via e-mail……….which is exactly why I have dug out my old Customer Testimonials book from years gone by. When a customer was happy with the work I had done, I often used to ask them to write a few prudent words in my book.

Have a look at what my customers said back then and also scroll down through the more recent e-mails and see what customers are saying about our products and services today and draw your own conclusions.

Please note - Due to a potential infringement of our human rights and with due consideration for the anxiety of our goldfish, any customer comments mentioning the slightest hint of any negative feedback have sadly been unable to be displayed due to severe space constraints……..

"Thank you both for sorting out our water softener - especially Clive for making the trip to North Norfolk to do the essential work - all very much appreciated. We have forwarded your business card to our neighbours who have a similar appliance ... we would not hesitate to recommend your water softening services to anyone in our area."

C & J Thirtle, Sheringham, Norfolk

"My husband and I would like to commend you on how efficient and courteous your staff were when fitting our new water softening system."

P A Riley, Beresford Drive, Woodbridge, Suffolk

"Please could you pass on my thanks to your service engineer who came out last week to repair our water softener. Due to its age, we were not sure if it could be mended or whether we would have to purchase a new one, but the engineer was familiar with our particular model and fortunately had the necessary parts on his van to repair it. Although he did advise us that it is quite an old model and will not last forever, the soft water we are getting now is better than its been for months and you will certainly be our first point of call when it does finally bite the dust!"

Mr & Mrs Colin Noble, WIllow Bank Farm, Fersfield, Norfolk

"I cannot recommend this company highly enough. We were offered a selection of water softeners, each capable of doing the job for our house and each with their own merits and were certainly not simply guided to the most expensive, which was a refreshing change! The water softener was installed quickly by A D Veale's very competent installation department and even included drilling through our granite worktop to fit a separate hard water tap. The softener works perfectly. We also really appreciate the personal service, which has included salt being delivered to us out of usual work hours because we had (foolishly!) let it run out! A really great local company offering great customer service."

Eleanor White, Orchard Close, Eye, Suffolk/Norfolk Border

"We moved to a brand new house in Elmswell in 2007 and took the decision to install a Water Softener, having lived for many years without one. It was the best decision we could have made and has transformed the meaning of cleaning your bathroom!!!!

The staff at A D Veale were really helpful in assisting us to choose what we wanted and where to locate it. They are a professional and friendly company who provide an excellent service time and time again. We would have no hesitations in recommending their services to others (some of our family members have already taken this advice and had their own equipment installed).”

Mark & Sam Sword, Bakers Mill, Elmswell, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

"Living in East Anglia most of my life, I never really knew anything other than hard water. Limescale around the taps, in the kettle and of course completely covering the shower unit so I am absolutely thrilled with my water softener system. It has made a huge difference to all my household appliances, I should have done it years ago! I came across Clive from A.D. Veale at the Suffolk Show in 2010. He was very charming and to be honest a lot cheaper than the guys on the other stands so decided to give it a go!

Firstly, they turned up on time, were efficient and tidy, secondly they had a ‘can do’ attitude to everything but perhaps the most important thing....the invoice matched the quote hidden extras whatsoever, which in this day and age is extremely unusual. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this firm wholeheartedly to anyone who wants an excellent product provided by excellent people.”

Penny Croft, Norton, Nr. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

"I was in fact pretty lukewarm to the idea of a water softener, but you know how the lady of the house usually wins through! In hindsight, it was something we should have done ages ago because it has clearly made a big difference to the new bathroom we fitted at the same time - In fact it still looks brand new and it has been in use now for three years. For a large farmhouse, it uses surprisingly little salt and we have had no maintenance issues whatsoever since installation. I have recommended your company and I know you have subsequently supplied equipment to customers of mine in Dedham and Mendlesham, Suffolk, who are equally pleased with their softeners."

Ed Abbott, Director, Abbott Racing/Motorsport, Wix, Nr. Colchester, Essex

"An amusing friendly welcome followed by great service and support. I'm very happy with the installation and follow on service. I'll certainly recommend you guys to my friends and enemies!"

Fiona Simpson, Warren Heath Avenue, Ipswich

“Always prompt to respond to a request and provides an excellent service. Equally good at reminding me when I am due a service or drinking water filter replacement.”

Lucy Evans Lombe, Gosbeck, Suffolk

“I came to Suffolk to build a new house and I spent rather a lot of money, but the most important thing I did buy was a water softener. A.D. Veale gave me a very good deal and also installed the unit. It has been totally trouble free in the 8 years I have owned it. The water is so hard in my area that without the softener, simple things like washing and showering would be unpleasant and the damage caused by lime scale would have meant new appliances and replacement bathroom fittings would have been necessary before now.

We also recently got 25 packs of free salt delivered. You have not sent me a bill yet and I am not remotely unhappy about that.......but I thought I ought to remind you!”

Brian & Carol Ward, Horham, Mid-Suffolk

"Very reliable unit with extremely efficient salt usage. Very good after care service - So important."

Bob Stone, Brantham, Manningtree, Essex

"We had our water softener supplied by A D Veale in 2005 in conjunction with our house refurbishment and have been very happy with it. In 2009 we decided to have a Reverse Osmosis drinking water filter fitted in the kitchen as we were totally fed-up with descaling our kettle and the poor quality of hot drinks. Since then we have never looked back and now realise that we should have had the osmosis unit fitted years ago! Our kettle (which we went out and bought the day the new osmosis unit was fitted) still looks brand new and we use it every day!! What's more, the water quality is excellent and the taste of tea and coffee is not compromised. Although the water softener does an excellent job of treating the mains water, the osmosis drinking water filter is equally impressive and considering the overall cost of both products, it is unquestionably the best home improvement we have made."

Terry Elvin, Heath Road, Norton, Bury St Edmunds

"Thanks very much for prompt delivery of salt and for servicing our water softener. Excellent speedy response and good service as always."

John Rush, Wilkinson Drive, Kesgrave, Ipswich

"We moved to Worlingworth in 2010 and within a few days realised that the water in Suffolk was extremely hard and a water softener was needed. We rang A D Veale following the recommendation from a work colleague in Suffolk. Since the Water Softener was installed showering has been a pleasure with beautifully soft water - just had to remember to use less shampoo!

"However, we couldn't get use to descaling our Kettle, Iron and Coffee Maker twice a week, so started buying bottled water instead. When we rang Veale's they suggested fitting an Osmosis drinking water system and since then we have not had to descale anything for over 2 years now and we have the cleanest of clean water which is a pleasure to drink. No more buying heavy and costly bottled water!

"We really appreciated the help and advice from A D Veale and especially in the recommendation of the water softener with the salt bricks, which avoids having to lug heavy bags around.

"I can thoroughly recommend the products and its great to see Clive every year for osmosis filter replacements and salt delivery - the coffee will be ready and waiting for the next visit."

Anne-Marie & Mick Kennedy, Church Lane, Worlingworth, Suffolk

“I was so impressed with the drinking water from the Reverse Osmosis unit that A D Veale fitted in our kitchen at home that I bought another identical system shortly afterwards to supply high quality drinking water in my aircraft hangar facility in Norfolk! Cups of tea and coffee have never tasted better than when made with water from the RO units supplied and installed by yourselves.”

Maurice Hammond, Eyetech Engineering, Langton Green, Suffolk

"Mark who fitted the softener was very efficient and we're very pleased with it. I can't think why we didn't have one 14 years ago!"

Wendy Matthews, Henley, Ipswich

"During 2012, A D Veale fitted three water softeners for me; one in my home, one in a rental property above the Arc Shopping Centre and one for my in law's on Moreton Hall. Having never had dealing with them before and not having a personal recommendation, I elected to test the water first and asked them to install a unit in my rental property. They arrived on time and the job was carried out without fuss and I say this because the installation was not a straight-forward exercise. My American tenant (who is quite particular), was very pleased with the soft water and the improvement in the limescale on the bathroom suite was staggering.

After a few months and hearing my tenant remark about what a difference the softener had made, I decided to have one at home. We were not disappointed and realised that we should have done it when we first bought the house. My wife's parents were also impressed how neat and compact the machine was (They had looked into having a softener when they first moved and were told that it would take up half the kitchen), that they had a unit installed a few weeks later. When we buy salt blocks I now get A D Veale to do a bulk delivery sufficient to supply all three machine, which saves us all money.

They provide an excellent service from dealing with my initial telephone enquiry, right through to installation and after sales salt deliveries."

Andrew Anderson, Jermyn Avenue, Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

"I must thank you for the advice and professionalism shown during my recent purchase of a water softner unit. It is rare these days to receive such honest and frank advice that is backed up with high quality product and service. You could have sold me a machine which I’m sure would have been more profitable to you, but your recommendation was in fact perfect and when the installation was complete, we were thrilled. We have definitely noticed the improvement and the repositioning of the new unit in relation to the old one has made it much easier to top the salt up. I am not only delighted with the outcome but my husband was delighted with the savings!"

Mrs Carmen Perks, Denham, Nr Hoxne, Suffolk/Norfolk Borders

“I am more than happy to recommend you guys and I expect nothing in return other than a continuation of the excellent service received over many years.

A D Veale are one of only two businesses in all walks of life that I can confidently recommend to anyone.  Their customer service over many years has been exemplary, salt is delivered within a few days of ordering and any problems with my softener have been fixed very quickly.  In addition, they have rescued me a number of times as emergency plumbers. I have had my water softener for almost a decade and it is one of the best purchases I have made."

Peter Jarvis, Goodman Grove, Kesgrave, Suffolk

"Extremely pleased with your service and the softener(s) work brilliantly!"

Brian Annis OBE, Needham Market Community Centre, Suffolk

“I have been absolutely delighted with the water softener you installed for me last year. It runs completely trouble free and maintenance free, and the salt blocks are very simple to put in when required. MUCH less mess and hassle than the previous softener I had, before we discovered A D Veale!

But just as importantly, you were such a delight to deal with; very quick response, a friendly but professional and knowledgeable presentation on the options available, with a sensible recommendation of what I needed. The price was fine too!

Finally, your delivery of further salt supplies is a very good service, and you even manage to deliver them when I am not at home, with no hassle.”

Roger Barker, Kensington Road, Ipswich, Suffolk

“When my old Kinetico softener finally gave up after over 20 years service, I needed to find a replacement model as a matter of urgency! I stumbled across A D Veale by chance as I often saw one of their vans around the town and noted their name. Ironically when they turned-up at my house, I immediately recognised Clive as we both share a common interest in old aeroplanes - yet in the many years I had known him, I hadn’t a clue that water softening was his specialist profession!

The replacement softener they fitted really is the ‘bees-knees’ and after lugging 25 kg bags of salt home for over 20 years, the 4 kg blocks are now a welcome relief for this not quite so youthful pensioner! I would strongly recommend the products and services they provide to anyone who endures hard water and after over a quarter of a century of soft water in-doors, my wife and I could never go back to being without a softener.”

Richard Gibson, Gaye Crescent, Eye, Suffolk

"A D Veale were recommended to us when we were considering the installation of a water softener in our newly refurbished kitchen. We found the company to be professional, courteous and extremely helpful. Clive came out to visit us promptly after having received our initial call; he ensured that we understood the system - how it worked, how frequently salt would need replacing, servicing arrangements, different models available etc. Clive spent time understanding our needs and also gave us help and advice in selecting an appropriate hard water tap to complete 'the look' of our new kitchen. We found the price to be competitive and delivery very speedy. We're awaiting final commissioning of the Softener when our kitchen is finally finished but so far we have been very pleased with A D Veale and would recommend them to others."

Fiona Fisk, Swallow Close, Felixstowe, Suffolk

“Out of some half dozen people or companies I contacted, you were the only one to be upfront about the current market of water softeners re: The Pit Falls, Value for Money, The Do's and Don'ts and What You Can and Should, Expect. And it was Painless! - A very speedy, neat and tidy installation.

We now have Bubbles 24/7, No electricity bills for the equipment (unlike the old Waterside machine) and no more bags of salt to heave about. Thank you once more.”

Richard & Diana Poole, Mount Street, Diss, Norfolk

"I would like to congratulate A.D.Veale for their advice on our recently installed water softener and their recommendation was very helpful with a snag free installation. Its reassuring to employ a company that are very cost effective with excellent customer service."

Steve Wrigley, The Street, Barton Mills, Bury St Edmunds

"I recently moved to Suffolk from Somerset in the West County where the water is sweet and softer. On moving to Woodbridge I immediately realised that I could never cope with the hardness of the water - all that lime scaling the pipes and my eyes stinging in the shower. No more glasses of water straight from the tap for me!

"When I contacted A.D.Veale they came to see me promptly and gave me lots of advice, with painstaking explanations of the choices I had to make: how the unit worked, where it should be sited, and whether to have a drinking water filter for the unsoftened water supply - I did and it's wonderful. The installation date was arranged and everything was quickly, competently and very neatly done, with no mess and I am delighted with the results.

"I can highly recommend this firm, especially having moved into a new area and not having the benefit of knowing any local Tradesmen. They were professional, friendly and helpful and I feel confident that should there be any queries in the future they will be dealt with speedily. The delivery service for the salt blocks is an added bonus."

Margaret Dawkins, Hillyfields, Woodbridge, Suffolk

"Having moved to the area and updated two new bathrooms and our kitchen, the hard water was clearly going to prove a problem with my new showers, taps and black granite kitchen worktops - I was advised that the solution was a water softener.

"A D Veale was recommended to me and I have been delighted with the product and the service at a very reasonable cost.

"The water softener installation was quick, efficient and completed within the given timescale and only days later we were experiencing the benefits of soft water throughout the house and have continued to do so.

"This week I phoned for another order of salt blocks and these were delivered the same day - that is what I call service!

"I would strongly recommend having a water softener, when you weigh the cost of the product and its price against unsightly scaled up shower screens, taps and work tops, not to mention your kitchen appliances and the cost of replacements - Its got to be a winner every time."

Stella Buchanan, Main Road, Bulmer Tye, Essex

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all those customers (and close family relatives) who have been so gracious with their kind words of praise. Fortunately, they have saved us a huge amount of time and the challenging job of writing such credible endorsements ourself!

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