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Water Softeners

Choosing the right Water Softener for YOU !

Ecowater ESM-11 Ecowater electronic softener installed
onto mains-fed 22mm plumbing system
Ultra Twin installed outside Non-electric outside softener installation

Ok, so you have visited several different websites where everybody is claiming to offer you the best water softener that money can buy, but how can they, when they don’t know which machine (out of the many different ones on the market) is best for you?

We don’t know either yet and the chances are neither do you, which is why you won’t find an endless list of products and prices available on our website which you can ‘add to your cart’ and purchase right away for immediate dispatch! We prefer to offer an individual service based upon a thorough site survey, water analyses and the benefit of our combined 45 years experience in dealing with the regions Hard Water problems.

We base our findings upon listening to your requirements: your lifestyle, your water usage, your type of hot water system, space availability and your budget. Having taken all this on-board, we can then recommend what we consider to be the best water softener system to suit you and your home.

[Ultra Twin installed on a shelf Garage installation - shelf mounted

This may be a single or twin cylinder machine, an electric or non-electric model or a tablet or block salt system, fitted either internally or externally. We offer a fully independent range of products, from the top manufacturers such as Harvey Water Softeners and Ecowater, which we consider ranks amongst the very best machines available to the UK consumer.

So whether you have a small holiday apartment on the coast, a mid terrace, a retirement bungalow, a detached property, a stately home, a factory, a hotel, a dental practice, a veterinary practice or a hospital; we can (and have routinely) accommodated them all.

Ultimately, you only want to buy one Water Softener that is going to stand you in good stead for many years. Take your time, look into it and avoid making an impulsive decision which you could later regret.

Speak to a specialist, speak to A D Veale Water Softeners - Your first choice for impartial and unrivaled Water Softener know-how.

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